Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP)

Due to approaching closure dates and the tight budget situation, we cannot afford to provide any more Intermediate Driver Courses (IDC) as well as any Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses at the closing Garrisons. Soldiers in need of IDCs and/or MSF courses, please sign up at co-located Garrisons for IDCs and/or MSF courses. Use the Army IMCOM Registration System (AIRS) to ensure you will have reserved quotas at these trainings.

IMCOM-Europe is responsible for execution of the Army Traffic Safety Training Program (ATSTP) in the European Theater of Operation. ATSTP training, as required per AR 385-10 & USAREUR TASKORD 07-0250 (Army Traffic Safety Training Program), has been implemented to help reduce both on and off duty traffic mishaps and goes above and beyond training required for a USAREUR/SETAF/SHAPE/USAFE driver’s license. Click here for additional regulations.

Effective immediately: Only Active Duty Soldiers are permitted to ATSTP contract-based Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider courses per DoDI 6055.04. Civilians/Contractors are exempt from the MSF training requirement (see: and scroll down to “Attention Motorcycle Owners”), and may only be trained by voluntary MSF RiderCoaches off-duty. Specific guidance for Italy will follow – until final resolution, Civilians/Contractors must take MSF training by voluntary MSF RiderCoaches off-duty. Note: NAVSUPPACT NAPLES INST 11240.29D is dated 16 July 2009, but USASETAF Reg 190-2 has not been updated since 10 Jan 2007. All courses will be certified 10 working days before the course date; if there are less Soldiers signed up than listed in following guidance, course will be canceled, students will be informed of the cancellation & will receive a substitute course date instead. Intermediate Driving Course: 12 Soldiers; MSF courses (BRC & ERC) listed as one instructor/six riders per course: minimum students required – five; BRC & ERC listed as two instructor/twelve riders per course: minimum student number – eleven; Military Sportsbike Rider Course (MSRC), always two instructors – ten students required. As said: SUSPENSE DATE is TEN CALENDAR DAYS before the course start date.

In an effort to improve the registration process, ATSTP has implemented a new system through AIRS (Army IMCOM Registration System). Registration in AIRS for all ATSTP courses (Intermediate Driver Course as well as Motorcycle Safety Foundation/MSF courses) is mandatory. For instructions on how to use AIRS please click here.

New ATSTP Registration Guidelines: Registration for all courses will close 10 working days prior to the scheduled training (IAW ATSTP contract statement of work.

Soldiers must have US State issued motorcycle license/endorsement, and sucessfully completed USAREUR 4-hour motorcycle orientation course with 30-question test before being admitted to an initial MSF course to receive USAREUR motorcycle license.” Check with your local Drivers Training/Testing Station, especially at BENELUX and Italy, for licensing issues.

Title Instructional Method Target Audience Status
Accident Avoidance Course
(4 hours)
(Click Here)
All Soldiers and civilian drivers of AMVs/ GSA fleet (AR 385-10) Active
Introduction to Driver’s Training
(1 hour)
AIT Classroom Instruction AIT Students Provided in AIT classrooms
Local Hazards
(USAREUR Drivers License,
SHAPE License,
USAFE License,
SETAF License)
Classroom Drivers license training All Soldiers and civilians Provided at Driver Training and Testing Stations
Intermediate Driver Course (IDC) -
2.5 hours
Classroom Soldiers under 26 years of age, includes non-drivers Training currently being offered
MSF Basic Rider Course (BRC)
(2 days/16 hours)
Classroom Instructions & Range Exercises Soldier Motorcycle riders:
Newly Licensed OR Re-entry Riders
Training currently being offered
MSF Experienced Rider Course (ERC)
(1 day/8 hours)
Classroom Instructions & Range Exercises Soldier Motorcycle Riders Training currently being offered
MSF Military Sport Bike Course (MSRC)
(1 day/8 hours)
Classroom Instructions & Range Exercises Soldier Sportbike Riders Training currently being offered

Motorcycle Rules & Regulations

To ride a motorcycle legally in Europe, the Army requires you to attend a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course. You must have your stateside license with motorcycle endorsement or host nation license with endorsement to obtain a temporary USAREUR, SETAF, SHAPE, USAFE certificate of license. You also need to temporarily register your motorcycle with vehicle registration. Successful completion of an MSF course allows you permanent licensure and vehicle registration. Please contact your local Driver’s Testing & Training Station (DTTS) and vehicle registration office for additional information. Click here for details. Soldiers are not required to take any leave for attending an MSF course IAW DoDI 6055.04, 20Apr09, Chg2 23Jan13, para 4.k.(1) "Do not charge leave to individuals or require individuals to pay for training required by this Instruction."


In Europe, MSF certifications are good for three years. Pre-registration is required. An online questionnaire is available for sport-bike and cruiser riders to help determine which course is best for you.

For information regarding Garrison travel distances and times in Europe, Click Here.

Motorcycle trainings require a minimum of six students (this is part of the US ARMY ATSTP contract). Students who need to withdraw from an MSF course, are required to give 24 hour notice by contacting IMCOM-Europe Safety. Failure to do so will put the student on 30-day stand-by notice, meaning the student will have to wait 30 days before being allowed to attend another course (however, if earlier classes do not fill up, the IMCOM-Europe Safety office may choose to make an exception).

Please read the Class Requirements and Personal Protection Equipment before attending your MSF course. Click here for maps and locations.

In the event of extreme weather conditions (i.e. heavy snow or ice), courses may be cancelled without notice. Rain will not cause MSF courses to be cancelled. Weather-related cancellations are at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor may also choose to stop a class due to the onset of extreme weather, postponing completion for another date.

IMCOM - Europe Sponsored MSF RiderCoach Courses

25Feb2013: No MSF RiderCoach Course offered in 2013 due to budget constraints.

In order to ensure adequate numbers of qualified MSF RiderCoaches are available to conduct command traffic safety training as required by AE 190-1, IMCOM-Europe conducts train-the-trainer courses. Sponsoring commands (Direct Report Garrisons) are encouraged to review their current MSF RiderCoaches for certification expiration dates and prospective losses. (Initial RiderCoach certification period is two years with refresher training required every two years thereafter).

ATTENTION: If you’re an MSF RiderCoach who has recently arrived in Europe, please contact IMCOM-Europe Safety so that we can add you to our MSF RiderCoaches in Europe database.

RiderCoaches must follow ALL Army regulations, to include those for licensing, found in AR 385-10, Ch. 11-9 and AER 190-1, Ch. 2-2.

The IMCOM-Europe RiderCoach Qualification Requirements apply to those individuals teaching all MSF courses.

Click the following link for information on the courses being offered:


Those wishing to apply to take an Army sponsored RCP course must complete an application packet. Click below for required application packet items:

Contact Information:

IMCOM-Europe Safety
DSN (314) 544-2301, Civ: 0611-143-544-2301 [from Italy & BENELUX:  49-611-143-2301]