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International Drivers Permit (IDP)

Q: What is an International Driving Permit (IDP)?

A: An IDP is a special driving license for tourists. Authorized by a UN treaty among nations of the world, an IDP allows licensed motorists to drive in international traffic without further tests or applications. It is proof that the holder possesses a valid driving license, issued by a competent authority, in his or her country of residence.

Q: Where is the IDP valid?

A: The IDP is valid in all countries that have signed the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic. It is also recognized in many countries that are not signatories to the Convention. A German IDP is valid only outside Germany.

Q: What are the additional advantages of using the IDP?

A: The IDP provides you with additional photo identification. It includes a multilingual translation of your valid driver’s license. Most car rental agencies will request an IDP, even though it may not be required to drive in their country.

Q: Can an IDP be postdated, extended or renewed?

A: An IDP is valid for only one year from the date of issue. A new application must be completed if another IDP is required.

Q: How do I obtain an IDP?

A: You will need to bring with you,
1. ID Card
2. USAREUR License
3. 1 Picture (Passport size)
Q: Where can I find information on Countries and if they accept the IDP?

A: Before you leave, check with the Embassy or Consulate of the country where you will be moving to to learn about requirements for driver's license, road permits, and auto insurance.


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