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Translation Services

Soldiers and Family members needing translation services for parking/speeding tickets, telephone bills, etc can come to the ACS for this,  Individuals requiring Official documents to be certified or Notarized can have it done at the following places:

Schweinfurt Area:
From Ledward Barracks (Entry Gate) From Conn Barracks (Geldersheim Gate)
Brigitte Hemann  Neulandstr 11
bhemann@web.de 97618 Hohenroth
Telephone: 09771-98847
(Evenings at 1700)

Christiane Vollmuth am Roten Kreuz 9
97493 Bergrheinfeld
Telephone: 09721-933 376
Fax: 09721-978 173

Hans Enssner Wilhelmstr 9
  97421 Schweinfurt
Telephone: 09721-703 50
Fax: 09721-703 525

Schreibstube am Rossmarkt Manggasse 6
97421 Schweinfurt
Telephone: 09721-270 30
Fax: 09721-186 789


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